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KATILIM MÜHENDİSLİK; was founded in 1997. It serves in all the electrical engineering projects like underwriting, controlling and consulting issues.

Katılım Mühendislik has an expert and experienced squad that can undertake all kinds of electricity structure of estate, work center, hospital, school, bank, factory, store, public buildings and city projects. The firm which has recent past completed a lot of reference projects.

The firm has all kinds of qualified electricity stuff. Since the founding date, the firm has always followed the developments and innovations with the aim of performing better and qualified service to its customers and the firm has always educated its squad in parallel to these developments.

KATILIM MÜHENDİSLİK; that is going to carry on this perception take up seriously to be the symbol of quality and trust in the sector.

With the hope of preferring Katılım Mühendislik. Because electricity projects are also as important as aesthetics and stability in buildings.